Daizy Cooper

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Daizy Cooper

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Age: 19
Height: 5'1"
Birthday: 1/14
Birthplace: hollywood
Ethnicity: Black
Marital Status: Relationship
Measurements: 34B-18-35
Stats info was collected on 2017-07-21

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info Daizy Cooper's Question & Answers

Answer: I like doggy style the most or anything from the back, I like that someone can get as deep as they want while still stimulating my G spot. Anything kinky I'm a bit of a paraphilic I'll try anything once if I like it I'll do it forever
Answer: I lost my virginity when I was 18 to the really loser isn punk guy in a public bathroom
Answer: I think about 8 I've lost track by now XD all I have are memories and stories not numbers
Answer: I was six years old , it was the evening time and i discovered the playboy network for the first time and started copying the ladies on the screen, I usually think about the guy I'm currently fucking or someone I want to fuck
Answer: i don't usually have one nights stands if it's a one stand it's because that person never called me back...I stay fucking people unless they are just really bad at fucking I can't stand that
Answer: I used to but I haven't done anal in a long time
Answer: I am kinda dating someone we'll see how it goes.....I'm sure he's glimpsed at them when i do more productions that entice me I will watch them, maybe or maybe not with him because he is shy lol
Answer: I wanted to fuck and look sexy and travel and meet other pornstars, no they don't know I don't plan on them finding out , I love it so much it's one of my funnest jobs that I can't live without I go through like porn withdrawals or something
Answer: Well I'm daziy cooper because I'm always dazed from smoking and i love Alice Cooper, I love heavy metal and ravey or electro music , punk you name it...I guess you can say i'm one of those bubbly little stoners from the valley i like making art and dressing in eccentric clothes, i like to hang and go to nightclubs or conventions with my friends, i'm a horror movie fanatic , and a kink junkie. I like to think of myself as a living doll , most of the time I look way different than I did one day and it makes it hard for people to recognize me like my own little disguise.
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277 No B-Control Creampie 2
No B-Control Creampie 2
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date_range Jul 20, 2017
Views 171,196
Episode: 44:13 mins, 97 pics
BTS: 10:07 mins

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