Renee Roulette

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Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Birthday: 8/1
Birthplace: Sarasota
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Relationship
Measurements: 28A-24-28
Stats info was collected on 2016-01-22

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Answer: Doggy will always be my favorite. It just feels the best and makes the peepee hit all of the right places. Things that turn me on are; slapping, choking, hair pulling, all things rough, neck kissing also.
Answer: I lost my virginity at 15 to a stupid boy who was once my boyfriend. It was in his bed because he's a basic bitch and apparently didnt want to make my first time memorable. That was the last time i seen him because I broke up with him a month later through text.
Answer: I banged like 16 people before the industry, now I'm just a textbook definition 'whore' so that numbers probably up there, ive lost count
Answer: I was 14 when I started masturbating, I used to do it all the time but now I do it just once a day. I like to watch girl on girl when I masturbate, even though im straight, ladies make me cummmmmmmm. (:
Answer: Neither, I have a boyfriend so he is the only one I sleep with outside of shooting a scene. We have sex multiple times a day (((: <3
Answer: Not a fan of it, Id rather just have it all over my face. I like to watch it come out of the dick and right onto my cheeks!
Answer: I do! Most of my scenes are anal and in my personal life theres always something goin in my butt. wether its toys, fingers or a penis!
Answer: I am! Yes, he does, but then after he cums he gets mad because he just watched me fuck someone else, lol no we dont watch them together, I dont like him watching so I wont encourage it
Answer: I originally just wanted to take nude photos but then got asked if ill do pictures AND film, thought about it for a sec and said "sure why not". Coming from someone who had never even sent a nude to someone. My family found out 4 days after i joined, of course they were mad and disappointed, but they got over it when I started to give them money. Ha
Answer: A little about myself, hmmm, well im a twin! (no she doesnt do porn and no i would never do a scene with her) I love Drake, I just love music in general, so all of it s good with me. My favorite thing to eat is fruit and spicy chips!!
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