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Jillian Janson

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Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Birthday: 5/23
Birthplace: Windom, MN
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 32C-18-25
Stats info was collected on 2018-03-19

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Answer: After starting in the business the first round, I went back home to finish my last and final year of High School. I made it one month with out every one finding out, until the week after our Homecoming. It slowly progressed from one person to thousands, therefore causing drama and forcing me out of town. I moved to LA without saying any good-byes with two full suitcases full of the clothes I needed to start back up where I had ended off in the industry. I will do the alternative to graduating by doing a program called HEP where I just take tests to get my diploma or I can easily get my GED. I am going to focus on work for awhile since I dropped out with out a plan. I need to go to a community college of some sort to get the kind of education I need to live in this big world.
Answer: I plan on getting an apartment really soon and once that I get one I will travel back to MN to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and to get the rest of my stuff from home. I want to be really big in this industry and why not.. It's not like I left/dropped everything to come and do porn or anything ha-ha. I plan to work in the industry in front of camera for as long as I can, until I wither away or just not good enough for the camera anymore. Then I will eventually be behind the camera instead, since I love photography.
Answer: Of course I love it! I have been having sex since a younger age than most people, so I am easily acquainted with the sets and the talents that I work with. I love that there's always a good day for me since I came here and started having sex almost every day with professionals that know what they are doing. I have had more orgasms in a week than I have ever had in my life. That's what I love about it!
Answer: I love being teased on my skin, i enjoy being caressed. I like my nipples and clit played with/teased. I am turned off by bad breath and bad hygiene.
Answer: I love missionary a lot, but i do have an obsession with my booty so i enjoy doggystyle, because it's the perfect way to go deep and for the person the play with my booty.
Answer: I lost my virginity at age 13 and it wasn't by will, unfortunately, Later on I did have a boyfriend that I had sex with in a sensual level instead of being forced.
Answer: When you have been having sex since a young age you tend to stop keeping track of how many people you have slept with and also mix that with a girl that likes to party, so I would say about 100 guys. Plus the amount of men I have been with in the industry, just add about 10 more people onto the other total.
Answer: I decided not to take the route of having a boyfriend, I don't mind being tied down literally, just not figuratively. I did go to a lot of parties and met people that I had one night stands with and never saw them again, I remember having a hard time in high school, especially 9th grade when I had sex with some one that I shouldn't have and I made all the people in my grade hate me. I moved and each year got better and better, now know one cares who I have sex with or how many times. I will even have some girls ask me for advice
Answer: I started watching porn when I was about 15 years old, but it never really turned me on it was more of a lesson for me to teach me how to do what I know today. So about 1 year and a half ago I started masturbating to porn for pleasure, but I never fingered myself. Instead I use a toy that just vibrates my clit, because I learned what makes me go off the fastest and the easiest ways. I masturbate every night before bed, typically about 3 times. Sometimes when I am home a lone I will do it several times throughout the day.
Answer: I don't really do the one night stands anymore, I like to get to know people before I do anything with them. It depends on how much I go out to hang with friends or go to parties on the amount of times I have sex a month. At this rate, outside of the industry, I have sex 4-5 times a month and not always with the same guy,
Answer: I do like when a guy cums inside of me, but typically I don't care where it goes. I just like the satisfaction that I made him cum, so if he wants to cum in my mouth I am 100% okay with it,
Answer: Not really, I also thought that it would be a nasty mess and tear me up so badly to hurting me so I couldn't walk, but I have taken it into consideration and I might give it a try. I won't get into it right away though!
Answer: No I am not, I decided not to go that route and I won't for awhile. Then again, I am not the kind of girl that goes out looking for a relationship, so if a guy comes to me and we hit it off then that would be different.
Answer: I got into porn, because I genuinely like to have sex and I just kinda figured since I was struggling in life for money and happiness, this would be the best way. My mother is all for it, but of course she just wants me to be safe and happy. My father on the other hand recently found out and I can tell he isn't very happy with me, but in general he lives another time zone away from my home state, so technically he can't do much to stop me. In my opinion, he probably lost some respect in me which on my part is very upsetting, but he will accept my choices, he just wants the best for me. I have two outstanding parents with two different teaching abilities where my mother is the lenient parent that I live with and lets me do whatever I want to where as my dad is the strict one that won't let down on my until I graduate college and get into a profession.
Answer: You look at me and you would think I am a sweet little girl that loves to listen to country music, but I like to really get down and grind with rap music. I don't have a favorite artist or anything such, it's typically whatever is on and has a good beat, I dance to. I love anything with pasta in it, so you could say I am an Italian food lover. I am also a huge fan of Chinese! I don't really have many hobbies, but I hang out with my friends a lot like previously mentioned I am a party girl. In my down time I am a big family and animal lover. I have two beautiful nieces from my only sister and there's also an unknown sex of another baby on the way! I also have two cats at home that I take care of, one is mine and the other is my mother's. I usually like to sit at home and relax while working out or watching tv. I recently started webcamming so everyone will start seeing my more online as well!
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