Rina Ellis

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Age: 24
Height: 5'1"
Birthday: 4/15
Birthplace: Seoul, South korea
Ethnicity: Exotic
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 32C-19-27
Stats info was collected on 2017-07-13

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Answer: Favorite position is doggy . Every girl says that but it feels good especially when i get my hair pulled. When it comes to men i like a guy who takes total control of me- i love choking spitting and i enjoy watersports. when it comes to females i prefer a lot more kissing and passionate sex, as the female body is beautiful whereas when it comes to men i just prefer to get fucked hard . i love role play too! any kind of power of authority over me is a total turn on.
Answer: i was 14 and it was with a "boyfriend" by boyfriend i mean we were together for maybe 2 weeks. i had no idea what i was doing but i was in the bronx somewhere, thats what i do remember. The guy turned out to be a total dick tho
Answer: I don't know for sure, i always said around 25 but thats a white lie as thats only from what i remember ( i choose not to count some of them haha) . Now, I really don't know...
Answer: Oh god i want to say around 12? or younger. I masturbated before i really knew what sex was tho. I have a very high sex drive, and I'm not in a relationship right now so i have to do it at least 2 or three times a day but more if I'm really horny. It always varies, depending on what is going on in my life. I really enjoy hate fucking , so sometimes i think about people who i can't stand lol. I have fantasies about both men and women. sometimes i think about really unrealistic fantasies, I'm a big fan of hentai !
Answer: It depends, i go through phases. Sometimes i do or i have a fuck buddy. Right now I haven't had as much sex off of camera, but when i used to see someone for a while until recently id see them 2 times a week and try to get as much sex from them as they can handle. Was never really enough though.
Answer: If i'm into the guy I love it. Also if I'm really into the guy i enjoy swallowing. Otherwise, I enjoy facials,its hot.
Answer: To be honest I actually haven't had that much anal. I enjoy buttplay and rimming but having amy ass fucked isn't something I've done much of, and when i did i did not enjoy it, but its something i would like to experiment more of with the right cock!
Answer: No i am not, i've never had good experiences from relationships and they're never healthy ones either. I find it very hard to have relationships because of my job but its not something i want right now. I hardly ever date either. I was seeing someone who didn't want to get serious with me because of what i did (but would happily fuck me constantly lol) , and he told me he didn't want to watch my movies. If i have a relationship i want someone to be as open minded as i am.
Answer: I got into porn because I like sex, I've always been very sexual and i used to have a lot of sex with different people, often times getting into intense relationships after which i didn't really want but did anyway. I always felt like i was repressed sexually because i'd end up in a relationships and when things didn't go well, id always go and seek sex and it would get me into trouble. Porn attracted me because i was able to have sex without having any emotional attachment or strings attached. plus i am an exhibitionist at hard and love being watched, and the thought of someone getting off to me has always turned me on no matter who they are . i also like playing out different fantasies too
Answer: I enjoy traveling and I do it very often. i'm from a very mixed background. I used to study musical theater, i love to sing. I enjoy going to see shows and exploring new places and meeting new people from around the world. I also enjoy exercising too. I love sushi. Japanese food is definitely my favorite.
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date_range Jul 12, 2017
Views 143,902
Episode: 44:24 mins, 105 pics
BTS: 13:38 mins

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