Sarah Banks

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Sarah Banks

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Age: 19
Height: 5'0"
Birthday: 4/23
Birthplace: calabasas
Ethnicity: Black
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 34A-23-33
Stats info was collected on 2017-09-07

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info Sarah Banks's Question & Answers

Answer: I LOVE doggystyle I can just lay there and get fucked but I'm also super into people looking at my ass so lol yeah doggy fits me pretty good. Plus it helps that i have a great ass.
Answer: i may or may not have played innocent to a couple guys and laid down some good acting skills here and there lol. so i guess you could say, I've lost my virginity a couple different times lmao.
Answer: 12. My mom bought me a tablet and I discovered pornhub. and then BOOM raging sex addict haha.
i think now i masterbate at least twice a day. (it calms my bitchyness)
Answer: I only have sex when I'm paid. I sometimes consider myself 'straight-for-pay' My pussy stays tighter that way & i don't have to deal with emotions.
I'm also more sexually attracted to women so when i fuck men its only to use them for their dicks for a while to get a few orgasms out of my system then back to normal.
Answer: Surprisingly, I have a huge creampie fetish. I'm really into connecting with the other person so i like when he cums inside me because i know nothing stopped the pleasure. he kepts going until we've climaxed together while still being connected.
Answer: I Love anal ! i use toys all the time. I've always liked the slight pain & pleasure that came with it.
Answer: I am in a relationship. We are both poly. She has other lovers i only have her for the time being. & she does watches my movies. lol or so she says. We don't watch our stuff together but she performs too so hopefully we can do stuff together one day ;)
Answer: I researched the industry before going in. i wanted to make sure i had the right people behind me & i was going to set a name for myself. My family knows. They no longer speak to me. I'm happy they don't. People who love you will respect your happiness no matter what without judgement. But i wish them the best.. they'll be back.
Answer: I have zero hobbies. I'm boring. I'm a human garbage disposal and i will eat anything. (Yes, i know I'm small. ) Music wise i love anything with a message. i can't listen to rap too long because i can't listen to someone saying Nigga every five seconds. I like anything from Sixx AM, Sam Hunt, 21 Savage to Lady Gaga- and even Disney Songs depending on the day.
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date_range Sep 7, 2017
Views 185,247
Episode: 61:53 mins, 132 pics
BTS: 10:59 mins

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