Vanna Bardot

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Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: 2/3
Birthplace: miami
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Measurements: 30B-24-33
Stats info was collected on 2018-07-26

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Answer: My favorite sex positions are cowgirl because I can make myself cum really easily no matter what Im working with, and also when im laying flat on my stomach and the guy is on top of me, that way I can get the most length in and the guys cock and pressing super hard on my G-spot. I have a pretty dominant personality, so when Im having sex I love to completely lose control and let my partner take charge. Hair pulling, biting, bondage, and even choking are huge turn on's for me, but I really just love rough sex in general.
Answer: I lost my virginity the first month of high school when I was 14. It was an early release day, and I invited my crush to come to my house after school. My parents thought he was gay, so they let him sleep over. We started out pretty soft, just making out and feeling each other up. One thing lead to another and we quickly moved onto oral and eventually sex, once my parents were asleep.
Answer: I used to keep count but I don't really do that anymore. If I had to take a guess though I'd say about 40 more or less.
Answer: I started to play with myself when I was about 4 years old maybe. I didn't know what I was doing but I liked how it felt. I didn't really start full on masturbating until I was about 12 maybe. Thats when I had my first orgasm. I would use the handle of my hair brush as a dildo, and a old electric tooth brush (not the bristle side) as a vibrator.
Answer: I used to have a lot of sex In high school. I loved meeting new people and exploring each other's body's. I also did quite a few threesomes with one of my best girlfriends and a few different guys. Now im at a point where I want more of a connection before I start having sex with someone. Thats why I love porn actually, because I still get to have great sex all the time with people that I know are good at it, and who are also clean. This way I get my fix of sex, but can the my time to get to know someone.
Answer: My favorite place for a guy to cum is inside my mouth. I love swallowing my partner's cum. Ive never actually let a guy cum inside me before.
Answer: Im really not a fan of anal, but i really want to like it. Im currently trying to train myself with really small toys and hopefully work myself to one day have anal sex.
Answer: I always knew I wanted to do porn. I think its the only thing I've been completely sure about in life. I did A LOT of research before hand, and followed the porn community for while. I ended up finding my amazing agency online. My mother knows what I do and is completely supportive of my choice as long as I am happy. I haven't told my dad yet, but I know he will be fine with it.
Answer: My favorite types of music are jazz and indietronica. I love literally all types of food. I am the least picky eater you will ever meet. If i had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Japanese. In my free time I love to watch movies, Read fiction, and try out new restaurants inn my area.
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date_range Aug 1
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